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Small Treasures in Ensenada

My husband and I went on an awesome, all-inclusive 3-day cruise to Ensenada.

Sure, he and I took a few snaps here and there of the views, ocean, etc., but clearly I was more enamored by the technicality and craftsmanship involved in these handmade wonders.

Anything that’s hand-crafted/drawn/painted/sewn… always takes my breath away and puts a smile on my face ♥

Here are some trinkets I found along the way after a few margaritas….

Then at the cruise ship, these luscious strawberries were dangling right in front of us….

They were too cute to even devour.

& back at our cabin, there was this cute fellow welcoming us back from an exhausting day.


May 31, 2010   No Comments

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