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Small Treasures in Ensenada

My husband and I went on an awesome, all-inclusive 3-day cruise to Ensenada.

Sure, he and I took a few snaps here and there of the views, ocean, etc., but clearly I was more enamored by the technicality and craftsmanship involved in these handmade wonders.

Anything that’s hand-crafted/drawn/painted/sewn… always takes my breath away and puts a smile on my face ♥

Here are some trinkets I found along the way after a few margaritas….

Then at the cruise ship, these luscious strawberries were dangling right in front of us….

They were too cute to even devour.

& back at our cabin, there was this cute fellow welcoming us back from an exhausting day.


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L & R Wedding

I was delighted when Leica asked me to do two things:

1.) Be one of her bridesmaids; and

2.) Help design her wedding invitations.

We collaborated and came up with this ensemble featured on her project wedding profile.

Leica is very talented when it comes to making hand-made cards, so that alone made my job
VERY easy.

Her wedding colors were fuchsia & chartreuse, so with a little hint of black on the envelopes and cardstock, it gave it a touch of sophistication.
With her paper choices out of the way, I rendered her flower of choice – delicate peonies, followed by Leica & Raul’s L&R Monogram, &  map of directions, & RSVP Cards.

[Thanks to Leica for sharing the photos below:]

*L&R Monogram

*L&R Peonies Ensemble

*Map of Directions

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